Bringing the colours of nature into my home

The last few weeks have seemed very grey and dreary and I wondered how I could bring some colour into my home. I love to wear bright coloured clothes but am unable to get these colours for winter wear ending up with black and grey and the occasional wine or green colour. So colour is definitely needed in soft furnishings.

I had looked outside at the trees and their changing colours so decided to weave myself a small rug on my peg loom. I can manage this if I take my time and have plenty of rests in between working. So this is what I did with greens, oranges, reds and purples. The result is the photo at the end of this blog.

Now I have to decide what else to make. Colour is so important in our lives as many of you will know. If everywhere is grey and black and you wear those colours then you can get depressed easily. Too much blue has the same effect!. I do keep acorns and dried leaves in a dish on my windowsill but I needed something much brighter. The sunrise this morning has given me some ideas. It was a beautiful red and orange sunrise so maybe another rug in these colours.

Nature is so inspiring! What inspires you?



2 thoughts on “Bringing the colours of nature into my home

  1. I love bringing things in from the outside too. We live at the coast so always a few shells, seaglass, feathers etc. I like to reflect the seasons, so I have lovely coloured leaves, berries now. Also change my cushion covers & throws. I crochet & recently started on a set of sunwheel mandalas to go with the seasonal festivals. Love your rug! What size loom do you use? Blessings.x

  2. Linda, I have 3 looms, one with 12 pegs, one with 20 on one side and more on the other and a much larger one. I find some harder to use than others as the work can get very heavy. Thanks for you comments.

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