The element of water

We use water in ceremonies for blessings (as do the Christians for baptisms) but have you ever thought about water and our need for it. Water is something we take for granted much of the time until we find we have none. This happened to me yesterday. After breakfast I decided to do other things which included the use of water. There was only a trickle from the tap and the toilet tank would not fill up. Then the trickle disappeared. Talking to neighbours I got the same story then one neighbour returned from visiting the shops down in the village. He said there was a huge puddle of water down there on the main road and there had been a burst water main.

This is the point when we all realised just how much we needed water. I was lucky enough to have some water in the kettle with which I could make a drink. Like some others I went to the nearest shop and bought a large bottle of water. But think about all the things we do each day which need water; washing ourselves, washing clothes, flushing the toilet, preparing food, making hot drinks and many other things. At one point it started to rain and I though of putting a bucket outside to catch the rain but by the time I had thought this, the rain had stopped.

Taking things for granted applies to many other things besides water. In the west, we take many things for granted that people elsewhere in the world do not even have . There are many who have to walk to collect water, many who do not have running water on tap in their homes and so on. Should we be more careful about what we take for granted? After all, it is only when it is not there that we realise just how much we use it. I could write more about this but I feel I have made my point. Here is a spring in Cold Ashby village.



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