Life’s lessons

I have always felt that life is full of lessons to learn. When we are born we have to learn to walk and speak and then learn to do things for ourselves. Every decision we make brings us a new lesson. When we look back at some of the decisions we made we think that they were wrong. But at the time we made those decisions it was the right one as that gave us another lesson to learn.

I look back at many decisions I made in the past and can see how much I learned from them whether they seemed right or wrong at the time. These lessons can also be seen as challenges and at the moment I am wondering what the current lesson is for me. I have got to the stage in life where certain things are more important than others, good health for one. I have the other important things, important for me at least, a roof over my head, enough food and clothing and heat and light. What I don’t have is mobility and this is getting to be a very big challenge. I am going to have to rethink how I live my life as I cannot walk more than a couple of yards without excruciating pain and that is walking on crutches as well. Does this mean a wheelchair now and if so how do I deal with this challenge? I love the outdoors and always have. I loved the freedom of being outside and always pushed myself to my limits in order to be outdoors.

I am also very dependent on others now and this brings me to something else which I wrote about last week, friendship. People are so busy nowadays that they often cannot find the time to be with others especially those who need not necessarily help but companionship. Conversation is important for us all and having a good conversation is part of my life, but good conversations are infrequent. A ‘friend’ once said to me a few years back that she did not call very often because she was sure I had others coming in to visit every day. She was far from the truth and I wonder how many others feel that way. Is this another lesson for me, to learn to be alone?

What are your lessons in life?


2 thoughts on “Life’s lessons

  1. From what I’ve seen, mobility scooters can be incredibly enabling, and will handle a bit of off-road travel as well – so long as its reasonably even on the ground. I’ve seen scooters in use at Druid Camp, opening up the field to people. If you’ve only got a few yards of movement to deploy, it would mean being able to pick your yards, and that could open things up considerably. I’m also wondering about social contact issues and realising that exhaustion and lack of time and energy seem to be widespread issues, affecting a lot of people who would not consider themselves to have spoons issues…

  2. Nimue, some scooters are better than others. I had a really good one but had no where to store it so it had to go. Now I have a small one, not good on anything that is uneven in places or gritty. But it does help as long as the weather is fine.

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