September ramblings

The Equinox is upon us very soon and autumn is definitely here. It was misty this morning and the leaves are now mainly golden brown. The birds are all busy feeding so they build up reserves for the winter. I have never seen so many on the feeders at one time. I counted twenty yesterday at one point.

It has been a week when I have had to do a lot of thinking about my way forwards. As you know I am disabled and this week has seen a flare up of my problems, all at once which is very disheartening. It can be hard to think in a positive way but I feel that my druidry helps me with this. If I can see nature through my windows then I have something to colour my days. My village has an annual Arts, Garden Produce and Crafts Show. I entered some of my photos and craft work and got two 1sts and a 3rd. My son took me there in the afternoon after a quick visit to the wildflower farm. It was good to see how many people grow their own vegetables and flowers and who take a pride in what they do. There were cakes, breads and various children’s sections which encourages them to join in and learn how to do these things.

The visit to the wild flower farm enabled me to use my new camera and see more nature even though it was a struggle to walk more than a couple of yards. But nature is awesome. The way the leaves change colour then fall from the trees enabling new growth next year, the way the dragonflies lay eggs ready to hatch in the spring and so on. Whatever we seem to do, nature continues and surprises us like the mushrooms which appeared on my lawn. Does nature ever surprise you?


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