Just thoughts of the week

First of all can I thank those who sent helpful comments about the bird feeding last week. They were much appreciated.

It has been an interesting week at times. I have been away from home cat sitting in a small village. No birds to watch but other things to see. Wandering down the lane on my crutches I found an interesting set of tree roots (see photo). They brought to my attention how everything spreads out and intertwines.

It is Lughnasadh, a time of harvest. I have noticed in the village that there are seeds on the sycamore trees and lots of green berries on the rowans.The berries will be needed by the birds of course but they always look wonderful when ripe. But it still seems as if summer has not arrived and it is very autumnal in the mornings. The tree roots intertwining with the soil and the bricks of the wall made me think just how much everything is intertwined and connected. Without one thing, another cannot be and so on. And how everything spreads out like the roots are doing and how ripples on a pond spread out also. You never know how far they are going to reach. I shall ponder on this more during the week.


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