Wild flower day

I am a bit late writing this but I have been visiting a wild flower farm a few miles away. Now the flowers are abloom it is a really lovely place to be. Although at the edge of an industrial estate it is peaceful too. There are two dragonfly ponds and there were a few dragonflies around but very difficult to catch on camera. Tea and cake followed my walk on crutches with several stops on the way.

I love going there because I am out in nature and there is so much to see. Tiny insects on flowers and reflections in the water. How much do you notice when out in nature? I can sit there for some time just watching and noticing even the smallest insect as it makes its way up a flower stem or stops on the flower to eat or drink. The colours too are so bright and beautiful and so many different hues as well. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. I feel so much better now ready to face the challenges facing me at this time. Does time in nature help you too?




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