A day out

I went to a World Peace Fete today at a Buddhist centre. It was a lovely day to start with and plenty to see and do. Meditation was on offer as well as several therapies and readings. There was good food and live music. The grounds were lovely too with some magnificent trees and although quite noisy there was a sense of peace.

It was a place I would like to stay for a few days, a place where I could replenish my soul. I shall look into this as there are guest rooms. It was good to see friends I had not seen for several years and there were plenty of hugs all round.

On the way back we stopped at a garden centre and I bought more plants to entice the butterflies which are scarce this year. Then the rain came! But a good day and the knowledge that I have found a place I would like to visit more often.

Have you found places like that?

I thought this flower was really outstanding and very large.


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