Summer Solstice!

At last the Solstice is here and so is the sun this morning. There has not been much sighting of the sun recently in the area in which I live so to see it this morning is a lovely surprise. I was up early, not for the sunrise but early enough to catch the dew on the grass and plants.

So today is the longest day when the sun reaches its highest in the sky. For me it is a time for a deep connection with the land and all that lives on it, the plants, the insects, the birds and the small mammals.

I recently visited a small wood where I have always enjoyed the beauty in the wood. It was tiny and quite young but always had a real feeling of connection with spirit. Last week when I visited I was  shocked to see brown earth and destruction between a huge part of this tiny wood. One side was still as it had been in the past with cow parsley and bluebells and birdsong. The rest was brown and silent. I retreated and went into the cafe on the site and asked for a pot of tea. I then made a comment about the state of the wood, asking if they had been cutting back the undergrowth. I was told it had been sprayed and that only the fact that there was a bird nesting in the other part had stopped the spraying of that part also. To say I was shocked is an understatement. I was speechless and extremely sad that someone could do this, not understanding the deep connection between everything in the wood. (I have done something about this wood)

This deep connection with nature is so much a part of me and my druidry and I wish that every one had the same deep connection. If we all had this, then the world would be a different place. Nature is amazing and my photo this week is of a flower that I find very delicate but beautiful. Please think about your trees and garden and try to understand how it is all connected. Happy Solstice!


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