Home, real and spiritual

Home is where the heart is so they say. But there are other sayings about home. Wherever I lay my hat, that is my home is another one. We also say ‘going home’ when someone leaves us for the spirit world. So what is home? Earlier this week, a friend took me to visit the place where I had spent around half of my life. We went to see the house where I was born, the two primary schools I attended, the various churches and other buildings as well as the large open spaces which are still large open spaces with many more trees. We walked in the tiny park which dates back to the some time in the late 1800s when it was part of the grounds of a large house. The park still has its charm and was beautiful when the sun shone, the trees providing reflections on the water. It was a place of peace yet it was a place I took my children for walks to learn about nature. But is it home? In one way it did feel like home and it was good to be back but there are other places I feel that are home, the mountains of Wales for one. I know that where I am now is not where I should be but moving is not easy these days. So do I keep these places in my memory as places that I feel at home? Or do I make the effort to move? Why is home important? What are your thoughts on home? I often think of the Welsh mountains as my spiritual home. Do you have a spiritual home? dingle2

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