New growth

Although my week has been a bit fraught with a visit to the dentist and the removal of a wisdom tooth, there have been some lovely moments. The baby starlings are making a lot of noise in their nest in the eaves as their parents fly back and forth with food. The plants are growing strongly and many are flowering now. The willow has lots of leaves too.

This cycle of growth gives me hope for our world but we need to fight hard to keep our world safe and fertile. We need to look at our values, what do we really need and how do we keep these things? Is the material world more important that our natural world? How can we work together to keep our world the way we would like to see it?

I can see that many people will have a lot of soul searching to do! It is no good saying that we won’t live much longer if we are old, we need to think of the generations to come after us. What kind of legacy are we leaving them?

A short blog this week but one that I hope will make you think and after that, take action.


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