Earlier this week I posted a question on Facebook. What has happened to compassion? But what is compassion? The free dictionary describes it as ‘Deep awareness of the suffering of another accompanied by the wish to relieve it.’

There are so many disasters in our current world and I wonder if that is why people have lost their compassion for others. Have we become immune to what is going on around us? I am not just thinking of earthquakes and mass drownings of refugees trying to escape death but also thinking about what is happening in our cities and towns. Have those of us with enough or more than enough forgotten how to share with those who don’t have enough? I am not rich moneywise but I try to help others in some way especially those in need.  Items I no longer need can be given to someone who can use them including those tins of food in the cupboard. I feel it is right to share and help those less fortunate. If they are begging on the street, there is a reason why this is happening? We need to look at the reasons behind poverty if we are going to do something about it. We cannot stop earthquakes but we can have compassion for those caught up in them and help in whatever way we can even though we are thousands of miles away. We can try to find solutions for countries that are in turmoil but while this is going on we can have compassion for those caught up in the turmoil.

Do you have compassion? If so, let your compassion grow like the plants in the garden.


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