Thoughts this week

I have been having short discussions with friends this week over goddesses and gods. I do not ‘worship’ any gods or goddesses. For me the characteristics of all of them can be found inside me at different times. They wait to appear when it is their time to appear and for me it is like Spirit, there is a part of it inside me as there is in all things.

I hear people talk about Norse gods, Greek Gods, Roman Gods, Welsh gods, etc but are they not all the same albeit with a different name? Are they not a part of us too? There are times when I might ask Cerridwen for help but for me that is asking my inner self for help, the deep part of me that is Cerridwen. The answer will always be found inside me.

I suspect I will get some sharp comments on this blog but everyone has a different opinion and I respect that. For me, it is simple, I can find all I need to find deep inside me. I just have to find the stillness that brings the knowledge I need.

So what are your thoughts on this?


3 thoughts on “Thoughts this week

  1. While I do personally identify with deities that I consider to be my “patrons” and I worship them, pray to them and make offerings to them. I also understand and identify with the concept of considering these forces to be within us as well as outside of us. I do believe that if you can not find what you are seeking from within, you will never find it from without.

  2. Interesting discussion! I’m still new to Druidry, and haven’t started learning/researching too much about the gods/godesses side of things yet, so I haven’t entirely formed an opinion on it yet. What I do love though, is that it’s open to different opinions and interpretations.

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