What a weekend!

Supermoon, Equinox and Eclipse! A powerful group of events so watch what happens next. For me eclipses signal great change and often chaos but also trigger earthquakes. This group of events has opened a window for change and new beginnings, getting rid of the old first. But the changes in the weather over the last three days have also been great, Friday was warm and sunny, warm enough to sit outside, then yesterday a cold biting wind took over and more layers of clothes were needed. Today is warm and sunny again. So what will it be like tomorrow?

A weekend with friends is always good and a cake to come home is good too. So is the company of 4 loving cats. I’ll say nothing about the dog who seems to have been unsettled by the eclipse.

A ceremony on Friday evening just as it started to go dark was beautiful and the three wise women enjoyed this immensely. We are looking forward to the lengthening of the days, the growing warmth of the sun and the next ceremony.

What did this group of events mean to you? And what are your thoughts about the coming days?




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