Mothers Day

Today in the UK it is Mothering Sunday or Mothers Day. In years gone by, this day was when children gave their mothers a small posy of flowers. Today it is extremely commercial and seems to have lost something. I have written about this before in a previous blog and my feelings have not changed since then. It is fine to have a day especially for mothers but should we not appreciate them every day. It is easy to say words of love and appreciation every time you meet and to give thanks for what your mother has done for you. How often do you tell someone you love them? All too often I hear people say that they wished they had told someone how much they cared while they were still alive.

It is also good to do the same for all of those you love and who love you. It is all too easy to take things for granted and never say thank you or show appreciation. The world today seems to be about greed and grab without thought for anyone or anything else.’ I want’ is the most heard phrase from children especially. Have we lost sight of what is most important?

I’ve said enough now, enjoy your day and think of those you love and tell them just that.


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