Moving forward slowly

The days are getting longer, you know what I mean, the hours of daylight are longer. This makes me feel so much better. I can see the changes in the earth too. Everything is starting to grow and waiting for a warm sunny day to burst forth.

As for me, help with transport has made life easier and more enjoyable. I am able to get out to go to craft groups as well as things like hospital appointments. So life is much better.

You know that summer days are on their way when you hear the lawn mowers coming out. My grass is yet to be cut but I did manage a little work in the garden yesterday. A few minutes here and there add up. Some times I think we rush around too much, trying to get everything done quickly. Yet my few minutes at a time seem to get me to the same place eventually, it just takes me longer. For me that is a good thing as I can notice more of what is going on around me both in the earth and in the sky and also enjoy the experience.

Do you take the time to enjoy what you are doing? Or do you rush to get it done? I like the slower pace of my old age!


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