Looking after our natural world

It is a foggy icy morning here today. The snow has gone but it is still very cold. The birds are busy eating food from the feeders. There are other small animals around too. Unfortunately one was caught by a local cat the other morning. It was a little shrew which had been hiding in the leaves under one of the bushes keeping warm from the snow. But that is nature I suppose, one animal is food for another one.

However it is up to us to look out for them in the cold weather and make sure there are places for them to hide and food for them to eat.

But the ice shows us the amazing nature of our natural world. The tiny crystals formed by the frost are simply wonderful. No two seem to be the same. I love to look at them all, even the ones on the wheelie bin and the bird feeders. Do you see these and notice how different they are? Do you feed the birds? Do you have ‘homes’ for other small animals and insects in your garden? Seeing our natural world in all its glory makes me feel so much better. Nature is stronger than we are!


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