Approaching winter

Samhain is almost over and winter approaches. It is still mild here but promises of colder weather next week have been made. Many of the trees are already bare and the ground is covered with golden, yellow and brown leaves. The sun is lower in the sky and for once in the year, it shines into my home. It makes such a difference to me and to my house.

There is something about the landscape at this time of the year which I find irresistible. Although the leaves are dying there is also the promise of new growth next year. When all the trees are bare and the sun shines through them, it is just as magical as in the spring time. How do you feel about this change in the landscape? I am looking forward to the frost too. It makes everything sparkle. I am making sure that I have food stored for those days when going out is not for me but I do love the magic of the winter time. Do you find it magical?


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