Signs of Autumn

Chilly mornings and evenings are arriving. There was a frost one morning this week and I managed to get a photo of melting frost droplets on one of my flower heads. The leaves are changing colour now and I have seen several brown ones on the ground.

Yesterday was our village show. There were classes for vegetables, flowers, homecraft, arts and crafts and floral arts. The vegetables were amazing. The love and care that had gone into their growth was very obvious. The flowers as well were beautiful and the cakes were amazing. I entered two photos in the photo classes but did not win anything although my son won first prize for his wild life photo.

The main thing for me about village shows is that it brings the community together and although there is some rivalry it is always friendly. The show was well attended and we all look forward to the show next year. Like the harvest festival it is another sign of Autumn.

What do you see as the signs of autumn?


1 thought on “Signs of Autumn

  1. Ants! Here in West Oz the ground in Autumn is bare and dry. The rest of us, plant and animal alike, are all hanging out for rain and cooler weather, but the ants have taken advantage of the long summer to grow their nests bigger and bigger and it seems like the bare patches of earth where one dares not tread are everywhere.

    Oh man, i just love that first whiff of Autumn in the air! Too bad, ants! Winter is coming! Or it will be, in six interminably-long, hot, dry months from now. šŸ™‚

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