Making Choices

We all make choices, all day and every day. There are the little choices like what to wear, what to eat, where to shop. But what about the bigger choices such as buying a new car, moving house, taking a holiday and many other big choices.

I like to look at the good and bad points about my choices. For example if I wanted to go on holiday I would look at where I wanted to go, how much it would cost and what the place had to offer.  Moving house is a much bigger choice but in my situation the choices are limited by what I need in a home. I need level access, ground floor only and space to move around with a wheelchair and space to keep the chair and the mobility scooter.

But I have a far harder choice to make at the moment. I have had a lovely cat since she was a kitten. She is nine years old now and we are very close. She likes to sit on my knee in the evenings and takes an afternoon nap with me too. I love her dearly but I am having problems looking after her and giving her the care she needs. I am also becoming more allergic to her fur which she leaves everywhere. So what choices do I have and how do I make that choice. First of all I must think about her welfare. She must have a loving caring home and be welcome all the time. But following up that choice is going to be hard.

How do you make the big choices in your life? What do you consider to be important?tabitha

Here is my lovely Tabitha.

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