Light and dark

The days here have been moving from light to dark and back again rather quickly. One minute the sky is blue then suddenly dark black clouds appear and rain pours down. But both of these are good for us and our land. The rain feeds the plants and cleanses the air while the sun brings heat to dry up the rain.

The changing light and dark is a bit like my life. One minute I feel good the next minute I feel sad and down. But is this how it should be? Should life be all bright and cheerful or should we have a mix? I have always felt that we cannot have a world that is just love and light as many others believe. If this was meant to be then why do we have day and night? Maybe it is how we decide what love and light really means.

For me the different shades of dark and light make my day better. The contrast helps me to do things better when it is light and rest when it goes dark. If you look at nature, there are always shades of dark and light. Take a good look at the willow tree in my photo. The shades of dark and light make the tree so much more beautiful.


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