Early Autumn

It is only mid-August but nature is showing autumn symptoms. It is quite cold here and going to get colder next week. The leaves are turning brown on the trees and some have fallen already. The rowan trees are bending down with the weight of their berries. The recent storms have battered the shrubs in gardens and some are already dying down ready for the winter.

But it is the birds that seem most prominent. They have descended on the bird feeders in a frenzy and have demolished several fat balls in only a couple of days. Each time I refill the feeders, they come again. These are young birds, starlings, but not yet with their adult colours. None of them look alike as they all seem at different stages in their lives.

Someone said that surely there were enough insects in the garden for the birds to eat but obviously this is not so. I know it is only mid-August but if the birds need food then they should have it. We have to be aware that whatever the date is does not mean anything at all nowadays as the weather patterns are changing. We need to be aware and notice when our birds need food.

The photo below is not as good as I would like but there is no way I can get rid of the background house! And I took the photo through the window as well.


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