Time is flying by. It feels as if Beltaine was only a couple of weeks ago but here is the Summer Solstice. So now the days begin to get shorter yet it feels as if we have not yet had any summer.

This week has been quiet as I have not been able to go out because I have bronchitis and my antibiotics make the skin photosensitive. So indoors I had to stay. It has given me time to reflect though and that is always good to do. I made some decisions about my home and garden and when I am well again I hope to put these decisions into practice.

My son gets out and about and like me is a keen photographer. He takes much better photos than do and I put one of his photos here. This photo to me shows the shades of dark and light which make up our lives. Nothing is pure black and nothing is pure white. All around us there are different shades and nuances in the light. It is fascinating to see and to watch as the sun moves round and the shadows and light change. Have you ever spent time watching how the light and dark change during the day? And how special some of the effects of this change seem?


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