June ramblings

We are almost half way through June and the weather is very mixed, hot and sunny, then wet and thundery and you never know what the day will bring.

It has brought some interesting birds to the feeder though. I have had two jackdaws, several blue tits, a robin and a collared dove. The dove seems to know when I am watching. It tried to make a hole in the seed feeder then it discovered that there were two holes already and now it feeds daily. A few weeks ago a large crow came. He played around with the half coconut fat feeder and then managed to get the rope into its beak, lift the coconut from its hook and fly away with it. Clever bird. There are also goldfinches around and a blackbird but they feed from the ground usually.

If I walk down to the shops I can see and hear other birds. There is a rather lovely small chestnut tree on the way down the hill. It has a beautiful shape and had large flowers this spring. I took a photo of it one day but it is hard to avoid the bungalows and cables nearby. It is a wonderful tree though and gives me pleasure each time I see it. I hope it continues to flourish.

My depression means that I have not been out so much but I do try to find some things to do each day that will give me pleasure so even going shopping can do that when I pass this lovely tree. At least I can see flowers and birds from the windows and that can only be good for me.



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