Finding inner peace

The world of today is chaotic, rushed and with never ending problems for us all. How do you find your inner peace?

I am lucky that I am now retired and do not have to go out to work every day so perhaps finding inner peace should be easy. However I find that this is not so. I have a degenerative health problem which means I am not very mobile so every day life can be frustrating and full of little problems.

But each week I try to go with a friend to our local country park. She walks her dog and I stroll slowly along the path towards the river. This week the cygnets, now almost fully grown were on the lake, swimming with their wings half open to catch the breeze. There were Canada Geese here this week too. Looking back from the lake towards the car park, I noticed the stripes that had been cut into the field were now filled with wild flowers. These formed colourful stripes of yellow and pink. I started to walk back towards the car park. Here the trees formed an arch over the path. No one else was around and I stopped. Listening I could hear the birds, the leaves moving in the breeze and a great sense of peace overwhelmed me. I stood there for some minutes communing with Mother Earth and the natural things around me. The benefit of these few minutes of inner peace stayed with me for some time. I can’t wait to go again, hopefully next week.

How do you find your inner peace?



3 thoughts on “Finding inner peace

  1. I find inner peace in much the same way. I try to go out and spend some time in nature whether it is a walk in the park, a camping trip or just sitting under a tree in the back yard. Nothing seems to out things in perspective better for me than time spent with mother earth’s unaltered beauty. When these things are not possible some meditation or a nice soak in a tub make good backup plans. 🙂

  2. In a pinch, three breaths taken slowly with my full attention will do it–but soaking myself in the green forest is the best.

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