One of the things I have noticed this last week is the lack of patience. I am just as bad at this as I have been looking at my bucket list to see what I still want to do before I leave this earth. My years are now limited as I am coming up to 73 so understandably I am getting impatient. As you get older each day becomes a bonus.

I suppose that in this world of instant responses via our ever expanding technology, we expect instant responses all the time. However this is not always good as instant replies often say the wrong thing and can upset people. Also we all have many demands on our time and responding to someone straight away is not always possible.

I am one of those people who like to write letters and my emails are often written in the same way.  I like to think about what I write and often ‘sit on’ letters until I am satisfied that they say what I want to say. My blog is the same. I spend many hours thinking about what I am going to write although sometimes the muse takes over and I find I have written other things!

Do you have patience? With people? With animals? With the way things are done?


1 thought on “Patience

  1. I find that Patience is getting rarer and rarer in this age of instant messaging, instant gratification and instant food. There was a time when it would take weeks to travel from England to Italy, and sometimes I find myself annoyed by the fact that my flight is twenty minutes delayed. Being only 19 I have never really needed to be patient as information was always at my fingertips, now I find it impossible to sit and scan books for my university research papers. Patience is dying out, but I believe that by being self aware one can become more patient.


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