Nature’s tests

The birds were doing well and the butterflies then along comes the frost, two mornings running! The starlings attacked the bird feeders with relish. I suspect that the frost killed off a lot of their insect food. Our weather is upside down and changes rapidly from one day to the next. How all the animals cope I do not know. I find the change of temperature hard enough and I have central heating but you never know what to wear from one day to the next. The wind was biting cold yesterday but out of it, and in the sun, you could sit and sunbathe. How weird is that.

Which brings me to the point of how we help nature and how we help each other. We don’t wait for the birds to ask for food, we make sure that it is there. But many do wait to give help to others because some people are afraid to ask for help. If you are going shopping and you know an elderly or disabled person who cannot get out easily, do you offer to take them with you or to get them items they need? If you are working in your garden and you know your neighbour cannot do much in their garden and it needs a little bit of tidying, do you offer to help? Or do you complain that the neighbour’s garden is untidy? Do you help those less fortunate? Do you offer help even if it is refused? Lots of food for thought here. Do let me know your thoughts on this.

A bright spot in the garden is the azalea, yellow and cheerful despite the frost. Here it is;


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