Growing hope

The sun is shining again. I am sure we are all feeling much better now. The earth is drying out slowly and life in the ground continues to surprise us. As my garden is new to me, I look each morning to see what has appeared. I have found crocuses and daffodils and a tiny violet. The birds are returning to the feeder too and yesterday there was a blackbird eating the fallen seed as well as whatever was in the grass. (photo below but taken through the window so a bit blurry)

All of this gives me hope that when we all feel better after the storms and chaos of the last few months, we will be able to give attention to those things which need it; the overbearing way in which our views are dismissed, for one example. What can we do to make sure our concerns are heard? How can we make our voices stronger? How can we help to get rid of corruption so that there are no innocent people sent to prison for something they did not do? There are many other items which need our attention; I am sure you can think of many more.

As a druid I believe that we are all connected in some way and that we are all equal. How do you feel?



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