The colours of Spring

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I stood at the bus stop waiting for the bus and enjoyed the amazing warmth of the sun. This morning the sun was shining but now, only an hour later the sky is overcast. But it gave me time to take some photos of the garden. Yellow daffodils, orange yellow crocuses and yellow forsythia. There are other spring flower  colours of course, but yellow seems to be predominant, at least in my garden.

There is something about the colour yellow. The sun is yellow and makes us feel better when it shines. The yellow flowers also make me smile and feel lots of hope about the things going on in our world. They also give me a feeling of inspiration too, making me want to create things and write. How does this colour make you feel? Do you have yellow flowers in your garden? Or do you find other colours that you like better? Does the colour around you change the way you think?

Here is a photo of those beautiful crocuses.



1 thought on “The colours of Spring

  1. I love your perspective; once the sun did not shine, you saw other things that did. 🙂 Colors definitely change how I think, it’s almost like a slap in the face! Great post.

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