So what happens next?

I feel sad that our land is flooded, not just for those who have lost homes but also for the animals who have no fields to graze. Even here where there is very little flooding, the fields are sodden and there is no grass for the animals to graze. This puts an extra burden on the farmers to provide alternative food.

But what of the areas that are flooded? It is just getting into the news that the flood waters contain bacteria that can cause illness. The ground water is also contaminated and any fields will not be able to be used for grazing or for growing crops for a long time once they have drained. There are so many consequences of these floods and many of these have not yet been seen.

It is a wake up call for us all. How do we live by rivers or the sea and on low land but stay safe? There are many questions to be asked but I suspect the answers will not come for some time as arguments and the blame game continue. However, years of abuse of our land have not helped and we need to look back at what we ourselves have enabled our governments to do in our name. London was flooded in 1928 but it was not until 1953 that things were done to give protection. Is it going to take as long this time to reflect and to act, but act in the right way this time round? Can we learn from history? We can’t tame nature so we have to learn to work with it.


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