Changing our perception

Britain is having a stormy time at the moment. One storm after another reaches our shores. We need to remember that we are an island surrounded by the sea. For many years now, the east coast has been crumbling into the sea. Much of the east coast like the fens and other parts of Britain were once islands and the land was reclaimed and kept as land by the careful use of canals and dykes. When I lived in the Fens I watched the dykes being dredged each year and knew about various flood plans where fields were kept as flood plains when necessary.

Yet our government has allowed houses to be built on flood plains and also near the sea. The Victorians built long rows of hotels by the sea as they thought this was a good idea. Yet when they built the railway at Dawlish it was considered to be a risk all those years ago.

If this pattern of weather which is due to the position of the jet stream, (remember last year’s weather pattern was due to this) is to recur then we need to look at what we need to do. Houses near the sea and farmland are vulnerable and we must find ways to protect them or move them inland. The power of the waves is clear to us all. Let us change our perception of what we need to do, we cannot fight the waves but only work with them. Nature is more powerful than we are! What are your thoughts on all of this?

flooded river

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