Stormy chaos

What a week it has been! One storm after another and still one yet to come later today. There has been a lot of flooding and power cuts and people do not know what to do. One comment by a family in darkness over Christmas was that they had talked to each other, something they did not do normally!

But what is the weather telling us? All the floods are in low-lying areas or by the sea yet we build houses near these areas. There have been floods in the past in these places so those in power think that making flood defences stronger will help. Well, the water has to go somewhere so it will just find somewhere else to flood. Nature is powerful and much stronger than we are. We need to learn to work with her not against her. We are part of nature too, part of the landscape and we need to be aware that we share the landscape with other species who also have needs just like we do. Co-operation is the word that should be at the forefront of any scheme where the landscape is being used.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you been flooded and if so how do you feel about it?

This mornings sky was red, a sign of more bad weather to come. Be prepared.


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