Community, sharing and caring

I could not decide what to write about yesterday as I had so many things to choose from.  Now I have made my decision so here goes.

It is a time of the year when the feelings of community spring to my mind. Our family relationships are so different now than they were in the past. In the old days, all members of the family stayed close to home and helped each other when needed. Events such as Christmas were joint efforts and everyone came together to celebrate. The grandparents had pride of place and were looked after with special care and respect. This still happens in some families but many families have their members spread far and wide and rarely come together as one family.

So what about the wider family, our neighbours and friends? Do we share events with them too? Do we look out for the older people around us making sure they have enough food and are warm in their homes? Or do we ignore them? As an older person living on my own, I understand how those who live alone can become very lonely and go days without talking to another person face to face. I make a point of speaking to my neighbours and to those waiting at the bus stop however old they are. The young can be lonely too.

We can all look out for each other and talk to those we meet often making their day brighter and more positive. Will you do this and make your community better for all?


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