The light returns

The shortest day, the Winter Solstice has now passed and the days will soon start to lengthen again. A time to pause for reflection before making plans for the coming Spring. There is much to think about at this time in our world. New ways of seeing things, new ways of living, new ways of doing things, can all change our world for the better.

There is plenty for all on our planet so why is it that some have nothing while others have too much? If you celebrate Christmas did you or are you going to overspend? Did you think carefully before you bought food and gifts? I see so much food bought via the supermarkets and then thrown away after the celebrations because it was not used. There is something wrong with a world where some starve and others throw away unused food. What can we do about this? What can you do personally to avoid waste? Can you restrain yourself to buying only what is needed? If you have food to spare why not donate it to someone who could use it. You can donate unwanted gifts also. Whatever you do, enjoy your celebrations but don’t forget those less fortunate.


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