Lip service or action?

So what is lip service? According to various dictionary definitions it is ‘Verbal expression of agreement or allegiance, unsupported by real conviction or action’ or ‘insincere support or respect expressed but not put into practice’. How many of us are guilty of this? It is easy to donate money to charities and then forget about it. I donate money each month to various charities but also to the Woodland Trust. But this does not mean I do nothing else for the Trust. I also purchase items through out the year, helping more trees to be planted. Nature is important to us all and trees help to stabilise the earth.

Many of the large charities are under scrutiny at the moment because of the amount of money spent on administration so that little of what we give goes to the people who need it. There are often local charities which are much better who do their work voluntarily and make sure that all money raised goes to those whom the charity is for. I know of at least one here where I live, which has raised money for poor families in Latvia and then purchased cows for them. Other small charities help to build schools in needy areas and also help to provide practical help in farming and getting water. The money you raise or give to these small charities goes to those in need and little or nothing is taken for administration. Why not look for local charities near you who do worthwhile things helping others to have those items that we take for granted. Then you will be acting not just giving lip service. For me, as a druid, acting is most important. Is it important to you?



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