Friends come and go as we all know. Sometimes we find it hard to let people we call friends move out of our circle. I remember feeling like this many years ago when someone with whom I had spent a lot of time suddenly decided to stop meeting me. It was then that I realised that many people come into our lives for a purpose. We learn something from them and they learn something from us and then our ways part.

There is much pressure on us every day about the way we live. There are adverts which try to persuade us to buy certain things or to take certain holidays. As we grow older we change how we live and so do our friends and it is inevitable that there will come a parting of our ways as we all change in different ways.

Sometimes these friendships last for many years as we ‘grow’ together side by side but often these friendships only last for a year or two or even less. But however long it lasts each friendship brings something for us and something for the other person to learn, to experience or to talk about.

Over the last 20 years or so I know that I have changed greatly and hopefully for the better. My way of living has changed and definitely my way of thinking. This means that many of my friends and I have parted ways but this makes space for new friends to come in, those who perhaps think the same way as I do or those who encourage me to keep ‘growing’ spiritually.

How do you think about your friendships? Do your friends change quickly? Do you have some very old friends where you have known each other for many years? What have you learned from your friends and what have they learned from you?


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