The approach of winter

This week there have been some cold days with sunshine and clear blue skies. These are wonderful days and I managed to go for a walk with a friend on one of these days. We walked to the local river and stood looking at the reflections in the water. The reflections were so clear and beautiful. It made me reflect on my own life at this current time. Around us there is often turmoil and chaos but this small part of our landscape brought peace. When things get tough, it is good to take the time, however short, to find a place where there is peace. Often this can mean a walk in the park or as in my case, a walk down to the local river.

But what if you can’t do this? You can close your eyes and imagine such a place, maybe one that you know or one that you would like to visit. A few minutes of just doing nothing but seeing a peaceful place can re-energise you.

Do you take the time to stop at least once every day?

Do you use that time to reflect on your day and your life?

Here is a photo of that small river and the reflections in it.


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