This week has been a busy week for many. Some have been finding ways of donating money to the disaster fund while others have been raising money for Children in Need. It is this latter item that has been in my thoughts for much of this week. People here in the UK are generous with their time and money, raising money for projects for those who are disadvantaged in some way, often those children with terminal illnesses. The projects give these children a better life while they are still with us and support the families too. .Others are helped by doing sporting activities to give them much needed confidence. There are so many of these projects which give comfort and hope to many. They are necessary for these children and their families.

But why do we have to raise money for them in this way? (I’m not against it but wonder why it is necessary.) In a fair, caring and supportive society, these projects would be funded with the taxes we pay to those in power. Do those in power have the right priorities? Are they spending our money in the right way? Should we put people, especially children, before other things? If we cared about each other and respected each other, then these projects would already be in place and any fund raising would provide extras not just necessities. Your thoughts on this as usual, are welcome.

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