Growing old and ancient

The frost this morning brought a bright blue sky and crisp clear air. How beautiful this is.

But while walking to my new home with a load of items for the kitchen, I found myself thinking of ancient things. Not just the Ancient Ones as we call our ancestors but also ancient trees as well. In winter these show their real characteristics with gnarled branches and trunks. I love the beauty of these trees.

This brings me to growing old and how the faces of older people show their true characteristics. They have often weathered through the storms of life, like wars and poverty and this shows in their faces. Today many people are more interested in looking young and at great expense. What is wrong with showing who you truly are? Do you need to hide the scars of your life with make-up? Or dye your hair because you don’t want to be seen by others as growing old? Are you ashamed of growing old? The trees are happy to grow old and show gnarled branches and trunks to the world and so should we be too.

old tree

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