Learning from the past

We do not seem to learn from our past mistakes. There has been war after war for hundreds if not thousands of years. We have lost our way, lost the plot as we often say. How can we learn from the past and change our ways. Well, first we can teach our children the right way. I have just finished reading a book by Kent Nerburn about a Native American elder called Dan (email me for details or find his website) It is a sad book in many ways but it does give hope. Here is a quote from the book when Dan is talking about our children;

‘We need to teach them a helping way, to give them a vision of what is right, not only of what is wrong. We need to teach them that the way to be strong is to help the weak; the way to have wealth is to give things away; the way to lead is to serve. We need to let them know that they are an important part of the circle of life, and if they do not play their part, no one else can.’

He continues;

‘If we teach them these things they will have hope in their hearts. If we don’t , their hearts will become hard. They will gather things to them and watch life from a cold distance. They will see the world as something to use, not something to honour.’

These words ring true and we can learn from them. The whole book is a wonderful book and can teach us a great deal about the way we should live our lives. How do you feel about the words quoted above?


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