There are definitely signs of Autumn around. The rowan trees have so many berries on them that they are bending down to the ground. There are crab apples galore and loads of acorns. Blackberries are ripening and almost ready to gather. But nature’s abundance is not just for us to enjoy. Think of all the animals, birds and insects that rely on this harvest before you take more than you need.

This reminds me of an event in a local supermarket. I don’t go to supermarkets very often as I prefer to shop locally but have to go every so often to get the items I can’t get in my local shop. Some time last year, I remember seeing an item on special offer. I think it could have been dog food but I am not sure. One customer saw this offer and proceeded to load her trolley with every packet on the shelf. There was nothing left for any one else. A dog owner on a limited income would really have appreciated this offer. I felt appalled at the action of this customer as I feel we should share and only take what we need so others also get the benefit of the special offer. How do you feel about this? As I said before regarding nature’s gifts, the same thing applies, only take what you need and leave some for others especially those that need them.


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