The healing power of the woodland

This week I was very privileged to be taken to visit a wood in a different area. It was a wonderful wood with many species and both old and new trees As soon as you entered the wood the stresses and strains of the days before, were swept away. Walking in woodland helps us to deal with our everyday lives when we are stressed and/or depressed. The joy of the trees and their colourful leaves in the sunlight lifts our spirits. There are so many different colours which change with the sunlight and the breeze.

But this wood was a very fruitful wood as well. There were different kinds of apples, acorns, nuts, and berries as well as wild flowers to see. I feel that we do not appreciate the gifts of nature as much as we should. Do you enjoy walking in the woodland? How does it make you feel? Do you use the gifts that the trees give to us? If so what do you do with them?

When I left the wood I felt invigorated and refreshed ready to face whatever the universe was going to throw at me next. Tell me about your woodland experiences please.


2 thoughts on “The healing power of the woodland

  1. i am very fortunate to live close to a large area of woodland and generally walk the dog there pretty much every day. It is a most wonderful place, which not only exerts a calming influence, but it also reminds me every visit of the turning of the seasons as I watch leaves turn from buds to lush green, to yellow and then falling – difficult to express in words, but a grounding and exhilarating experience all at the same time.

  2. I walk my dogs most days in either bushland or on some fenced acreage up the road where i can safely let them run off lead. Some days I go slow and stop to look around me and notice particular trees and what they are doing, watch the birds, listen, feel and scent the breeze. Some days I’m a bit dopey and don’t see much as i tromp along, but even on those days I am still the better for doing it. I’m in Oz so our bushland doesn’t change in the same way yours does, but we have wildflowers, and our trees flower and fruit in their own ways. My fave season is winter, but then we don’t get snow or even much rain, and the air is fresh and crisp and the bush is full of life. In summer I am much more likely to be tromping along enduring. 🙂

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