Awareness of nature

This morning I was lucky to have a trip to the Peak District. It was a beautiful morning and it was good to be outside on the moors. The thistles were looking rather droopy
but the foxgloves were doing well, standing straight and enticing the bees. The stream was running slowly but the reflections were amazing. There is something special about sitting on a rock, with feet on the earth and head in the sky, connecting on all levels with our planet. There were many other people around, climbers, cyclists, walkers and others just sitting by the stream. How much did they notice about the landscape around them? Did the climbers notice the crevices and patterns in the rocks, did the walkers see the different grasses and plants? And what did those just sitting by the stream see and be aware of?

When you are out in nature what do you see? There is so much that you can see when you look and you can stop and admire the insects on the plants and the path. What would our lives be like if none of this was there for us?



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