Thinking about our ancestors

This morning I went to visit an archaeology dig at a local site, Burrough Hill. This is an Iron Age hill fort. But today I discovered that items had been found which dated back to the Neolithic era. I have often walked on this hill as the views from it are exceptionally good. But there is also a feeling of the ancestors as you walk where they walked. This has happened to me in other places too.

But I started to think about how they live and whether they fought battles and if so when did these battles start.  Before the advent of the Bronze age, people had weapons such as arrows and spears. They used these to kill animals for food and but did they also use them to scare away other tribes? It seems that large-scale battles only started when iron and bronze weapons were made. What did they fight about? Did they fight over land? Their lives were much different from ours and they lived closer to the land. Have we not learned from our ancestors that fighting should not be necessary and that we should live in peace. After all there was much more land available for them to live on unlike today. Now wars are fought about different things but are mainly caused by greed. An interesting point revealed this morning was that this site had been used for hundreds of years by Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman peoples. There was something special about that site, mainly its position I suspect.

How do you feel about these ancestors and how they lived?



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