It is Midsummer and we have had the longest day now. The days will get shorter and the nights longer. But it does not feel like the middle of the summer. We still seem to be in the spring time. We expect hot days and lots of sunshine during the summer but this has not happened yet here. What other things do we expect in our lives?

I am often told that my expectations are too high. But if we don’t have high expectations what will happen? Expecting someone to do something well, encourages them to do well. If you expect them to fail then you are putting the thought of failure in their minds so they do fail.

Is it wrong to expect our water to be clean, our food to be healthy and uncontaminated, our clothes and houses to be well made?

Is it wrong to expect our politicians to be truthful and care about those who vote them into their position of authority? If we are honest, caring, compassionate and loving, is it wrong to expect others to be the same? There is a lot to think about on this topic. Going with the flow is good but should that stop us from expecting better things? Does going with the flow allow things to happen that are not good for us? Are there times when we have to make our expectations known to those in power so that the flow becomes better and smoother?

My photo this week is taken at a local stream. On that day, the mother moorhen had climbed up the steps and on to the top of the weir. Her 3 babies could not get out of the stream and join her. They were still trying when I left. Did the mother expect too much from her babies?


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