Understanding the connections of the natural world

Several items in the news this week caught my attention. One was a photo of a koala bear standing in what had been his home. Before the felling began, koalas had been removed and taken to a new area. This one returned to find his home had gone. This happens in many parts of the world. Many animals go back to their homes; frogs go back to the pond where they were born. It is an amazing sight to see hundreds of frogs hopping along to their home pond to mate and lay their eggs.

I also noted that a site which has not been used by its owner for many years and had been designated a site of special or scientific interest,  was now to be used to build houses. The ‘occupants’ of the site will have to be moved elsewhere or find new homes for themselves. Also our government has decided to route a new high speed train through several nature reserves. We are told that the reserves can be moved to somewhere else.

Have you ever looked at how the food chain works and how each species often depends on another species and how some species work together? Do you know what happens if one species is eradicated? Do you understand that soils are different in composition and plants and animals like only certain types of soil? Everything in our natural world is connected in many ways and with all the knowledge that is available for us to learn, there should be no lack of understanding about how  the food chain works and how all species are interdependent. Yet, those in power think they can control our natural world! I have greenfly on my roses but resisted the purchase of something to kill them. The greenfly are the food of another species. If you use weed killer, have you noticed that when the weeds come back, they are stronger? Any way, what is a weed? It is an unwanted garden plant and it is a wild flower in many cases. But many have beautiful flowers and a field of buttercups looks wonderful. This year, the cow parsley is doing well and graces our hedgerows with colour and beauty.

Some good news is that Prince Charles wants us to turn some of our fields into meadows so that the flowers and insects have a good place to work together.

Here is a photo taken along one of my local footpaths.


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