A couple of weeks ago I read a book (Zen Druidry by Joanna VanderHoeven) which resonated very strongly with me. So much so that I wrote the following poem;


Be mindful, I hear you say;

Be mindful throughout the day.

Mindful of what I eat,

Mindful of what I wear,

Mindful of what I do,

Mindful of what I say,

Mindful of what I feel,

Mindful of what I sense,

Mindful of what I think,

Mindful throughout the day.

Mindfulness brings its own rewards

Of peace, of balance and harmony.

Be mindful throughout the day.




1 thought on “Mindfulness

  1. Mindfulness is a tremendous gift – I’m still very much at the short and simple end of the spectrum, but even mindful washing-up and mindful brushing teeth makes a difference – so difficult to explain to someone who hasn’t tried just how wonderful it is – a true experiential gift for the having.

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