Being fair in a greedy world

What does being fair mean to you? To me it means that whatever I do I try to treat others and the world around me in a fair way, that is I honour everything and respect it. This means that I buy food and clothes that are fair traded whenever possible. This is getting easier to do as more people become aware of fair trading. I like to know that what I buy has been collected or made in a good way and that those collecting or making are paid a fair wage for their work and that the conditions that they work in are also fair and there is respect for what they do.

Someone asked on a forum a while back if spirituality made me more politically aware or was it politics that made me more spiritual. For me, the two are very much intertwined. If we want people to have a decent way of living with food, clothes and a roof over their heads then we have to help them to acquire those things. Being greedy and wanting cheap clothes and more money to spend or waste on things we don’t need, does not go with a spiritual path.

We have seen the result of greed this week when safety regulations were ignored and many lost their lives working in slave like conditions. Is this what we want to see in our world?  You can help to change these kind of things by voting with your feet. Do not buy goods that are not fair traded. I have some trousers bought at least 10 years ago that were made by a fair trade system in India where the women work in light airy conditions and in small groups. These trousers cost me more money that cheap jeans from you-know-who but they are still in good condition and have worn well even after repeated washings and should last me for a few more years. To me it was money well spent and someone else got a fair wage for making them. We live in a throw-away world where items only last for a couple of years before they wear out or break down. What happened to the little shop where repairs were done? And what happens to the items we throw away? How can you help? How can we make factory owners become less greedy and more aware of fairness and good working conditions?

What does this have to do with druidry? Part of my druidry is seeing the interconnection between all things so think on this and how things are connected and that what we do has an impact on others and on our planet. Be the change you want to see in the world and act now!


3 thoughts on “Being fair in a greedy world

  1. Not everyone has the money to afford fair trade clothing. I know I don’t, with no job and oodles of student loans to pay. It’s not about greed at all–it’s a matter of simply being able to afford everything I need.


    • Hi Victoria, I was writing about those at the top who pay little wages and the companies who exploit others not those of us who buy. It is up to us to make sure that people have proper working conditions. It is not just about clothes, there is fair trade tea and fair trade coffee too. Also buying locally grown produce helps as well.

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