Injustice and what it means to you

So what is injustice? According to Wikipedia injustice means gross unfairness. It also refers to the absence or opposite of justice. Most people will have suffered from injustice at some point in their lives. It is something that has gone on for thousands of years and we never seem to learn from past mistakes.

Recently while doing some work on something that had originally been done many years ago, it brought to mind various examples of what I felt was injustice in my life. Looking back I can see how hard it was to deal with and at times it was put at the back of my mind but there were also times when I thought about it and decided to forgive those who had caused the injustice. It is not a good idea to continue resenting unfairness; you have to let it go and forgive, but learn from it and try to make sure that it does not happen again. As spirit beings in a human body we have all the ‘bad’ feelings that are part of human nature but we need to rise above these and learn how to work together for a fairer world, to share, to help others and to discuss our needs openly so that others can offer their help and also do this in return.

However much injustice has hurt you, in order to move on you have to accept and forgive and work to  make this world a better place for all of us. There are some countries in the world that are working on being a fairer place and we should look to them and see how they are doing this. Please let me know your thoughts on injustice and how you deal with it.

I’ll get off my soapbox now and find a photo that gives us hope. Think of the trees, they appear to die and the leaves wither, but in the spring they are renewed.springandhope

1 thought on “Injustice and what it means to you

  1. I’ve been dealing with perceived injustice a lot in my life lately, especially with feelings of “not being good enough,” though I certainly am. I have a therapist who is working on this with me. 🙂 Thanks for your advice of learning to forgive. That is something I will work hard on. 🙂


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