Respect for others

I nearly called this blog tolerating others but felt that respect was a better word. But how often do we tolerate what others do and are there times when we should not be tolerating these things but doing something about them. On the other hand, druidry teaches respect for others and what they do.

We are all on some kind of path whether we believe in one god or many gods or no god. Maybe some believe in materialism or whatever gives them a strong path in life. So we should respect their path whatever it is. But as I said in the previous paragraph, are there times when we should not respect or tolerate the doings of others? Are there times when we should intervene or say something to someone who can intervene? I am thinking here of people doing things which are cruel to others or to animals or are disrespectful? Do we let these things pass by because we think that those who do these things have to learn themselves that it is wrong or disrespectful?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this? The theme came to my mind because of events here in the UK this week which were very painful for many and cost lives.

But on a more cheerful note, I have a photo to show that Spring really is on its way. My rose bush has new leaves and it definitely feels warmer this morning..


1 thought on “Respect for others

  1. It’s such a hard judgement, deciding when people should, as allegedly mature adults be left to figure it out for themselves, and when stepping in to stop someone, or correct them acccording to your view, is the better option. I’m not sure there’s a simple answer here, it may be something to tackle on a case by case basis. If I thought someone was acting maliciously – not out of incompetence, I would step in. Quite often a private word works best, not humiliating people in public can make them mch more ammenable to listening, and often the problem is rooted in misunderstanding and poor communication. Genuine malice and people motivated by a desire to cause pain, often have complicated motives, but need stopping for their own sakes as well as for eveyrone else.

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