The seasons and the weather

Today our clocks moved forward one hour to British Summer time. Yet outside it is bitterly cold and there is a heavy frost. Yesterday we had more snow showers. As a druid I celebrate the changing of the seasons but they seem to be changing at different times than expected and this gives me pause for thought.

Should I change the time of my celebrations to fit in with the weather? What do others do who do not have the same changes of seasons as we do here? Should I be looking more at the symbolism of the celebrations instead?

In the Christian faith it is Easter time which is very symbolic of death and rebirth. Where nature is concerned, the rebirth is very slow and some species will not survive unless there is more warmth soon. The breeding season will be shorter too. If this trend in the weather continues how many species will become extinct?

Looking at the reasons for this long cold spell of weather, I discovered that the jet stream has been pushed to an unusually southern location and a band of high pressure has stopped it from moving so it cannot push in milder conditions from the west. It is believed that this is being caused by the melting ice in the Arctic. These conditions could continue for some time.

So why is the ice melting? Do we have something to do with this? Can we do something to change it all? Can we learn to accept these changes and live our lives differently so that we stay warm? If these changes are to become a permanent feature of our seasons, can we learn to produce food differently too? Can we learn to produce the heating we need without environmental effects? Should we all be thinking about this, not just those who think in a ‘green’ manner, or druids and pagans?

My photo was taken in the garden this week. Snow on the ground in late March.


2 thoughts on “The seasons and the weather

  1. I think Druids should focus on their personal area and celebrate the seasons in a way that makes sense to them. This will be different for a British Druid and an Eastern US Druid (or for an Eastern US Druid and a Midwestern Druid!). Honor the land on which you live.

    Just my personal opinion, though. 🙂


  2. And different for a Central California Druid. This is a question I have been asking since I began studying druidry, for the seasons here have never fit neatly into the festivals of the standard “Wheel of the Year” where they are spread evenly every 6 weeks. If you are using the solar and lunar cycles as your guide, then yes, they continue to fall accordingly. But if you are talking earth energies and the cycle of seasons, then it is very different here, where it is now almost a semi-desert climate.

    Likewise, few of the traditional herbs and Ogam trees have equivalents here. Learning about the original festivals, trees, herbs, etc. is a great place to begin, but eventually the Druid must learn to connect with the indigenous spirits of the land in which they find themselves, just as our ancient forefathers did. However, I see no problem in also honoring the homeland, especially if someone is closely tied to one of the “Celtic” nations. Have TWO celebrations! 🙂

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